1. Can I come without an appointment?

Of course, you are always welcome to have a coffee, but it would be nice if you come by appointment so that we can spare time for you.

2. What is discussed in the first meeting?

First of all, we try to understand and know each other better. We then determine your goals and needs and provide support accordingly.

3. How does the counseling session happen?

After we get to know each other, we determine your wishes and needs and decide what path to follow together. All issues are handled openly and confidentially between the client and the consultant.

4. How is the consultancy fee calculated?

The first consultation is free. Afterwards, the consultancy fee may vary depending on many factors.

5. How long does counseling take and where does it take place?

Generally, this time varies depending on your needs. But we do min. once a week. 1 hour max. We would like to see you for 3 hours. We usually meet at your business, but of course we would also like to host you in our office.

6. Do I need to prepare anything before the counseling meeting?

No, it’s not necessary.



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